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Hipster with Camera

BlackBox 120 for medium format

In The Box

- Rybozen C400 5x4 inch Light Panel 

- BlackBox 120 Base

- Height Extension Sections: 150mm, 100mm, 40mm, 30mm, 20mm 

- Lens Mounting Section

- Set of Step-up Filter Rings: 82mm, 77mm, 72mm, 67mm, 62mm, 58mm, 55mm, 52mm, 49mm, 37mm 

- Film Carrier for 120 film 

How to Use

1. Connect the power cable to the Rybozen light table and a power source (USB-A connector).. 

2. Insert the Rybozen light table into the BlackBox 120 Base. Make sure that the power connector and power switch of the Rybozen light table are facing out of the BlackBox 120 Base and are accessible. 

3. Open the flap of the film holder and place your film negative into the grooves. Close the film holder flap. Alternatively, you can slide the negative into the holder from the right side.

4. Insert the film holder into the BlackBox 120 Base through an opening on either side. 

5. Place a 6x7, 6x6, or 6x4.5 mask on the top of the BlackBox 120 Base. If you scan 6x9 negatives, don't use any mask, it is the native format of the BlackBox 120 Base..

6. Attach Height Extension Sections to the top of the BlackBox 120 Base using the bayonet lock: insert and rotate clockwise until locked. Height Extension Sections can be connected in any order. 

7. Attach the Lens Mount Section to the top Height Extension Section. 

8. Unscrew all step-up filter rings that are smaller than the filter thread diameter of your lens. Screw the remaining set of step-up filter rings to your lens. 

9. Place your lens on the top of the Lens Mount Section facing down. The 82mm step-up ring will tightly fit into the Lens Mount Section and hold your camera in place. 

10. Activate the illumination light with the switch on the Rybozen light table next to the power cable input. 

11. Focus your lens on the surface of the film. 

12. Check your framing: you want the film frame to fill your digital sensor as much as possible. If necessary, adjust the distance between your lens and the film using a different combination of Height Extension Sections (step 6). 


Tips & Tricks

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